MR.SHOT® 2.0 WINNER India’s first Dual Thermostat, Moulded Outlet Pipe, Threaded Inlet and Outlet, Service Friendly, Dual Color and Fitted with ISI Heating Element, MCB and ON/OFF SWITCH – Red.



Introducing Mr.SHOT 2.O, India?s first service-friendly and Dual Thermostat Instant Water Heater! With both Automatic and Manual Thermostats, this sleek and modern water heater comes equipped with a high-quality ?? inch inlet and outlet pipe, making it perfect for any modern bathroom or kitchen. With its molded outlet pipe, Mr.SHOT 2.O is Zero Leakage, ensuring that your bathroom stays dry and clean. And with its dual color combo, this water heater is both stylish and functional. Easily mountable with a single or dual screw, Mr.SHOT 2.O is the perfect alternative to traditional storage geysers and immersion water heaters. Say goodbye to the hassle of fitting and the inconvenience of power consumption ? upgrade to Mr.SHOT 2.O today!

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Mr.SHOT 2.0 Winner

  • Introducing Mr.SHOT 2.O: India’s First Service-Friendly Dual Thermostat Instant Water Heater.
  • Mr.SHOT 2.O Instant Water Heater is India’s first service-friendly and dual thermostat water heater, designed with both Automatic and Manual thermostats for better control.
  • The molded outlet pipe ensures zero leakage, and the dual color combo adds an aesthetic touch to the design.
  • With the Automatic thermostat controlling the machine during usage, the Manual thermostat acts as a backup, cutting off the power supply in case of failure.
  • The easy mount feature allows for simple installation using either single or dual screws.
  • Mr.SHOT 2.O is a reliable alternative to storage and immersion water heaters, providing instant and continuous hot water supply with lower power consumption and greater safety.

Additional information

Weight 2200 kg
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 31 cm


Body is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Food Grade Plastic which is Zero Leakage, 100% Shock proof and Heat resistant, ISI Copper Heating Element – Tubular type (3Kw.) Indicators – Neon Green and Red light, Automatic and Manual Reset Thermostat, ISI marked 2.5 square mm 3 Core power cable (1.15Mtrs), 16A Plug.


  1. Coming with Guarantee card and user manual
  2. Free!!! 2 No’s Connecting nipple
  3. 1 No Royal union
  4. 1.5 Meters connecting PVC hose
  5. 2 No’s Screw with wall sleeve with excellent packing.

Suitable For

  • Ideal to use in Houses, Bathroom, Beauty salons, Hotels, Schools, Kitchen, Wash area, Hospitals, Mansion and Factories where there is an instant need of Warm/Hot water supply. (*Strictly we are NOT recommending user for drinking purpose)


Do’s and Don’ts

Dos: – You can collect the hot water directly from the Geyser to your Tub or Bucker. Install the product as mentioned in description and User Manual Book.
Don’ts: – This product is designed strictly not to connect to the shower head, Tap or Mixture tap; violating this instruction would result in harmful consequences. We are not responsible for any of your safety violations, also under Warranty or Guarantee.


  • Warranty Summary:
    One Year Spare Replacement Warranty is available for this Model from the date of purchase If any Manufacturing defect.
  • Covered in Warranty
    Warranty Covers Only for Heating Element & Thermostat
  • Not Covered in Warranty:
    If the Installation is not carried out as recommended or the unit is subjected to alteration and usage, not in accordance with its requirements as stated in the User Manual, Product(s) altered, modified, rebuilt, converted or changed by any person other than the Authorized Customer Care Agents. Also we recommend to use this product in hard water upto 600 PPM.
  • Warranty Service Type:
    Onsite Warranty is not available for Our Products