Mr.SHOT Instant Running Water Heater, Made of First Class ABS Plastic, Manual Reset Model, Red Color


Manual Reset Model

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*Mr. SHOT Instant water heater Now comes with unbreakable First Class ABS(Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) body and comes with water inlet and outlet Thread type. It is more convenient for usage and it will avoid water leakages. Our geyser is portable, Instant, Compact, Less power consumption (Up to 20% saves electricity compare to other storage geysers*) and affordable price.

*Auto Cut off feature also available when the user forget to switch off it will going to automatically cut it off. (*Manual reset models are only going to Standby Mode, Other Auto reset models are going to restart automatically after 10 minutes If this is not noticed, the same process keeps repeating it will increase your electricity bill and geyser life time also decrease. Manual Reset Models are better than Auto Reset Model)ROWSER >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHMxbslJTn4

*Mr. SHOT is the perfect replacement for large size storage geysers, It provides Non-stop (24*7) hot water from 10 seconds onwards, just put it in the water tap and get hot water continuously It does not required additional plumbing. Ideal to use in Houses, Beauty salons, Hotels, Schools, bathroom, Kitchen, Wash area, Hospitals, Mansion and factories where there is an instant need of Warm/Hot water supply. (*Strictly We are not recommended for drinking purpose)

*Specifications; ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Shock proof and Heat resistant, Copper Heating Element ? Tubular type(3Kw.) ISI marked, Indicators Neon Green and Red light, Thermostat ?Copper ISI marked, 2.5 square mm 3Core cable ISI marked 1.15Mtrs, 16Amp. Plug Pin-top ISI marked, coming with Guaranty card and user manual, Free!!! 2 No?s Connecting nipple, 1 No Royal union, 1.5 Metres connecting hose and 2 No?s Screw with wall sleeve and excellent packing.

*WARNING ; Do’s-You will collect hot water directly from Our Geyser to Your Tub or Bucket. Don’ts – Don’t Connect any water controls points Like Mixer,Tap,Shower and Hand Shower in the out let of the Device. The Outlet is meant only for the outflow of the heated water;therefore never block the water flow. Failure to follow these instructions and safety messages could result to serious injury. The Manual remain with water heater.

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